Its's a wrap: Cervical Revolution at Alpine

mike seattle cervical.png

This past weekend, Alpine Physical Therapy had the great pleasure of hosting the Postural Restoration Institute's course Cervical Revolution, taught by the legendary Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC

We brought together over 30 physical therapists, dentists, orthodontists, massage therapists, and acupuncturists, all committed to an integrated approach. As Mike said:

" spite of the daunting reputation that this course has, people are realizing that understanding the material is essential for adequate ability to successfully manage a significant number of patients who require a multi-disciplinary approach."

Thanks to Mike's exceptional teaching, and a class of engaged professionals, we're coming away from the weekend with better healthcare in Seattle, and a fresh commitment to this "revolutionary" approach to patient care. 

Read Mike's full write-up on the PRI website