Our Services


Postural Assessment: We offer a comprehensive assessment of your posture and how potential impairments may be leading to injury. We are experts at recognizing patterns and how your pain may be coming from sources you might not initially suspect.

Postural Restoration Program (PRI): We have extensive training in this approach of identifying patterns of asymmetry throughout your body, not only with your musculoskeletal system but also the nervous, respiratory, visual and dental systems. This approach may involve collaborating with other medical professionals, including dentists, optometrists, naturopaths, massage therapists and orthotists to achieve the best possible outcomes.
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Manual Therapy: We are experts in performing hands-on interventions with common techniques including: joint mobilization, manipulation, mobilization with movement, muscle energy techniques, soft tissue mobilization, passive range of motion, instrumented soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release.

Exercise Education: You can expect exercises that are meaningful, functional, and tailored to you. All prescribed exercises will be specific to your needs and based on a comprehensive evaluation. We believe in a team approach between therapist and client where we create programs that are based on your personal goals. We often assist in designing programs for the home or gym, or as part of your post-operative rehabilitation protocol.

Ergonomics / Work Station Consultation: We recognize that most of us will spend a good amount of time behind a computer and we want to make sure you are set-up for longevity and success in your environment. We can help guide you in customizing and optimizing your workstation.

Functional Stability Training: Most people know they have a “core” but few are always properly using it. Functional stability training is about utilizing your true abdominals and diaphragm in harmony with the rest of your body. If someone isn't using his or her “core,” they are often using something else as a compensatory pattern. We can quickly assist you in recognizing what compensatory pattern you may be performing and how to optimize your movements. 

Kinesio Taping: Sometimes external support is beneficial, so we utilize this technique to facilitate or inhibit muscles by giving them feedback. This can reduce pain, improve muscle activation and relax unwanted tension.

What we treat

Motor Vehicle Injuries: We are highly experienced with treating mild to severe symptoms including whiplash, dizziness, headaches, nausea, back and neck pain, numbness/tingling, cervical strain, thoracic strain, lumbar strain, concussion and the blunt traumas that may be affecting you following a motor vehicle accident.

Work Injuries: Whether you have an injury from an on-the-job accident or resulting from repetitive motion, we are capable of targeting your work-specific goals. We can handle all scenarios whether you are off work, on light duty or have no restrictions. Our goal is to provide fair and honest treatments that will accurately target the needs of the injured worker.  

Overuse Injuries: Whether you find yourself battling tendinitis, chronic neck or back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s or tennis elbow, shoulder impingement, plantar fasciitis or jaw pain, our expert staff will be able to determine the factors contributing to the  development of your injury. We will show you changes to make in your environment as well as in your posture and movement. We can also provide either manual interventions, non-manual interventions or a combination of the two that will reduce the pain and improve your function.

Running Injuries: We are experts at gait analysis and can improve the quality, efficiency and symmetry of your gait. Whether you are training for a marathon or just love to run for fun, let us help you restore your stride and prevent re-injury. Our therapists have a background in running shoe selection and can make sure you select the right shoe for your foot type.

Pre- or Post-Surgical Interventions: We have worked successfully with many local surgeons to manage their pre- and post-op protocols. Some of the most common procedures include those for:

  • Foot and Ankle: Achilles Tendon Repair, Ankle Stabilization, Osteotomy, Fusion, Bunionectomy, Fixation, Plantar Fascia Release, ORIF Ankle Fractures with Plate/Screw Fixation
  • Knee and Hip: Pre-surgical rehab for ACL, Partial and Full Knee/Hip Replacements, ACL Reconstruction, Meniscectomy, Meniscal repair, Patellar Tendon Repair, Fixation, Microfracture, Articular Cartilage Repair and Implants, Patellar Dislocation and Instability, Medial Patellar Ligament Reconstruction and Lateral Release, Hip Resurfacing, Total Hip Replacement, Hip Labral Repair
  • Shoulder and Elbow: Rotator Cuff Repair, Labral SLAP Repair, Arthroscopic Debridement, Ligament Injuries, Dislocations, Biceps Tendon Repair or Tenodesis, Shoulder Replacement, Stabilization, Bankart, Subacromial Decompression.
  • Spine: Fusion, Discectomy, Artificial Disc, Microdiscectomy
  • Fracture Surgery: ORIF for All Extremity Fractures, Multi Trauma, Complex Injuries, Foot Fractures, Ankle Fractures, Fibula Fractures, Tibial Plateau Fractures, Patella Fractures, Femur Fractures, Hip/Pelvis Fractures, Clavicular Fractures, Scapular Fractures, Humerus Fractures, Radial/Ulna Fractures, Wrist Fractures.

Who we treat

Alpine Physical Therapy welcomes patients of all ages who are recovering from orthopedic injuries, including those with more complex nerve involvement. We are also skilled in identifying and isolating areas of the body that may be contributing to chronic pain or discomfort and providing a course of treatment to strategically strengthen and rehabilitate.

Youth Athletes: Current stats indicate that half of all children aged 5-18 will participate in an organized sports program. As it becomes more common for these youth to begin specialized intensive training at younger ages or participate in multiple sports in a single season, acute or overuse injuries can start to occur. We recognize that these athletes are still developing their motor patterns and we are able to design sport specific programs, train safe movement strategies and develop plans to prevent re-injury. 

Weekend Warriors: Work hard, play hard, that’s how many of us go about our lives here in Seattle, and sometimes little things can sneak up on us and inhibit us from the active adventures we love. Whether you are training for a Mt. Rainier summit attempt or just want to return to playing on your Monday night rec soccer team, our staff is able to develop a program that will meet your needs. 

Endurance Athletes: Our PRI program is proven to improve movement patterns and function to break through barriers holding the elite athlete back. This is not about strength and conditioning, it’s about training the body to move and function in the most balanced and efficient way possible, and eliminate patterns that inhibit your ultimate potential.

Rehab for Seniors: Our goal is to help seniors maintain their function and independence through comprehensive programs. We design programs for gait, osteoporosis, stroke/CVA, arthritis, strengthening and range of motion. We can also assess fall risk and develop safe outpatient treatment plans for balance training. Our staff has experience ranging from home health, outpatient, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehab, ICU and acute care.