Alpine Partners Earn their Postural Restoration Certifications (PRC)

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Alpine Physical Therapy is pleased to share the news that Jeremiah Ferguson, Chris Murphy and Eli Zygmuntowicz are officially PRCs! The Alpine Physical Therapy partners join just over two hundred others worldwide, with the distinction of PRC from the Postural Restoration Institute. Earning their Postural Restoration Certifications was the culmination of years of coursework, practice, and finally, an extensive application and testing process. To be eligible, the partners had to demonstrate proficiency in Myokinematic Restoration, Postural Respiration, Pelvic Restoration, and Advanced Integration, as defined by the Postural Restoration Institute.

“This is an important milestone towards achieving our vision for Alpine Physical Therapy” said Eli. “PRI Physical Therapy is a total game changer,” Chris added. “The approach has allowed us to become better therapists, and offer the highest level of patient care. We are so grateful for all that we’ve learned from Ron Hruska and the Institute’s faculty.”

“PRI will remain the focus of our practice,” said Jeremiah. “We’ll continue to partner with other Seattle medical professionals, and host PRI training courses, and we’re excited to be a Seattle hub for Postural Restoration."

With this achievement, Alpine Physical Therapy is now officially recognized as a Postural Restoration Center. You can learn more about PRI at Alpine here or contact us for more information. We are happy to schedule in-services with Seattle medical professionals who are interested in learning more.

It's a Wrap: Postural Visual Integration at Alpine Physical Therapy

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We were very fortunate to host this advanced PRI course co-taught by Ron Hruska and Dr. Heidi Wise. Over 40 attended including three optometrists, two vision therapists, a dentist (our colleague Dr. Christine Shigaki in the picture with us), athletic trainers, a massage therapist and physical therapists. The questions and dialogue really helped cement some challenging material into practical clinical application. We learned that vision is impacting every muscle and action we are doing, even when we are asleep. Asymmetrical patterns, visual spatial integration, and their impact on our tri-planar function and posture were highlighted. It was exciting to see the collaboration across disciplines and the common goal of restoring our patient’s freedom to play and rest comfortably. We really want to thank Ron, Heidi, the Postural Restoration Institute, and all those that took the time to attend.

Its's a wrap: Cervical Revolution at Alpine

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This past weekend, Alpine Physical Therapy had the great pleasure of hosting the Postural Restoration Institute's course Cervical Revolution, taught by the legendary Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC

We brought together over 30 physical therapists, dentists, orthodontists, massage therapists, and acupuncturists, all committed to an integrated approach. As Mike said:

" spite of the daunting reputation that this course has, people are realizing that understanding the material is essential for adequate ability to successfully manage a significant number of patients who require a multi-disciplinary approach."

Thanks to Mike's exceptional teaching, and a class of engaged professionals, we're coming away from the weekend with better healthcare in Seattle, and a fresh commitment to this "revolutionary" approach to patient care. 

Read Mike's full write-up on the PRI website




Alpine to host Cervical Revolution Jan 20 -21, 2018

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We are pleased to announce that Alpine Physical Therapy will be hosting the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) course Cervical Revolution this January. PRI instuctor Mike Cantrell, MPT, PRC will be teaching this course, which focuses on the importance of cervical lordosis, the position of the sphenoid bone and dental integration.

Cervical Revolution dives into how Physical Therapists and Dentists can combine our areas of expertise to optimize patient results. We look forward to bringing together members of the Seattle healthcare community who are interested in learning more about the PRI approach. 

Join us!  

Powder Poobah Party

We are happy to sponsor the most clutch resource for PNW snow lovers: The Grand Poobah Powder alert newsletters. And we're even more excited to be hosting a Powder party with the Poobah himself - Larry Schick this Thursday 11/16.

Where: Come join us at Alpine PT Thursday, November 16th from 6:30 - 8:30. Grab a beer and get psyched for the opening for WA ski season this weekend.

What: DruBru Beer, the winter weather forecast from the Powder Poobah - raffle give aways : Dru Bru beer, Woolly merino wool shirts, OR gloves, etc.

Eli and Murph enjoy the trip down Mt. Baker / July 2017

Eli and Murph enjoy the trip down Mt. Baker / July 2017